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Loans Against Property

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Loan Processing Charges 1.50% of loan amount + Service Tax
Non Refundable Processing Fees ( included in processing fees) Loan Amount           Charges
Upto Rs. 25 lacs -  Rs.3000+S.T.
> Rs. 25 lacs         - Rs.6500+S.T.
Cheque Bounce charges Rs. 450
Late Payment charges 3% pm on unpaid amount
Cheque Swapping charges Rs. 500 per swap
Prepayment charges Prepayment is allowed after 6 months of loan being disbursed. 5 %+S.T. within 6-12 months from the date of final disbursement. 3%+S.T. within 12-24 months from the date of final disbursement. 2%+S.T. after 24 months from the date of final disbursement. ( On the outstanding principle)
Loan / Cheque Cancellation Charges a) If disbursement cheque is not en-cashed within 7 days from the date of disbursement and your request for loan/cheque cancellation is received by us within the said period (7 days) then cancellation charges amounting to 1% + Service tax of the loan amount will be applicable in addition to the interest charges calculated from the date of disbursement upto the date of cancellation.
b) If your request for loan / cheque cancellation is received by us after a period 7 days from the date of disbursement then foreclosure charges as mentioned above will be applicable in addition to the interest charges calculated from the date of disbursement upto the date of cancellation
Loan Reschedulement Charges 2% of principle outstanding
NOC issuance charges First - 'Nil', Rs. 500 thereafter
Document Retrieval Charges Rs. 500 per request
Stamp duty and Registration charges + Service tax Actuals
Stamp Duty Charges( Pertaining to Loan Document) Actuals + Service Tax
Legal / repossession and incidental charges Actuals
Changing floating rate to fixed rate (if offered) 0.5% on the outstanding loan amount
Asset Verification Charges Actuals
Technical Valuation Charges As per Actuals
Legal search charges As per Actuals
Insurance Premium Actuals
Advance EMI Actuals
EMI cycle date change charges Rs.500/-
Foreclosure Statement Charges Rs:200/-

Service Tax, as notified by the Government of India, is applicable on all fees, interest and other charges and is subject to change as per relevant regulations of the Government of India

Terms and conditions apply.

All loans are disbursed at the sole discretion of Reliance Capital Limited. All information herein is subject to change without notice. Under no circumstances cash, bearer or blank cheque or kind should be given to any executive in connection with the Loan application. Kindly note that all Post dated cheques and Transaction charge cheques should be crossed and issued in favour of “Reliance Capital Limited”.

Shape your business ambitions with tailor-made Reliance Loans Against Property.

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